A typical cleaning application for the CO2CLEANBLAST Pelletized Carbon Dioxide Cleaning System. The goal is to remove catalyst from between stainless steel process screen without abrasion or creating environmental residue.

The catalyst (front) side of the process screen in embedded and blocked catalyst. Typically this would be cleaned by plant personnel using wire brushes. Hand cleaning does not guarantee total cleaning.

This is the back side of the same process screen. The exit holes are clogged and the center channel between the front and back is clogged. Blockage has significantly reduced the performance of the unit.

As blasting begins, the larger pieces of the catalyst are deflected downward and the smaller catalyst redsidue is carried with the air into the center channel.

The CO2 pellets and air velocity are adjusted to match the cleaning power necessary to clean in one pass. In extra heavy buildup, another pass may be necessary.

Tar-like coatings, shown on the backside of this process screen, cannot be cleaned with a brush and are usually not attempted. No problem with CO2 CLEANBLAST.

At an approximate rate of 30 seconds per square foot, both sides of this process screen are 100% clean, even in the recesses and corners, with no metal erosion or abrasion, no heat distortion, and best of all, no post blast material remaining to dispose except catalyst.

CO2 CLEANBLAST cleaning can be performed anywhere a man can be positioned. Its application versatility and mobility allow it to be used for virtually any cleaning application except ones where abraded (white metal) finishes are required for welding.

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