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With so much on the line during an outage or shutdown, you need experience and efficiency on your side. With over 35 years experience in the sandblasting industry, R. Houston & Son Sandblasting Specialists is the premier sandblaster who offers a full line of cleaning and decontamination services to the commercial, industrial and power utility communities.

As a full-service sandblasting company, we have helped thousands of companies clean all types of surfaces including delicate substrates like fiberglass, ceramic and screens, and various projects, from delicate aircraft parts to metal bridges and everything in between.

Our goal is to provide you with the most time-saving, cost-efficient cleaning methods available today. Typically, we analyze and recommend an appropriate cleaning method and coordinate our schedule around yours, executing the process as efficiently as possible within an agreed time period.

We come ready to work, we have the manpower, equipment and technical experience to do virtually any size cleaning project. We use proven techniques, follow standard operating procedures, and work in all types of weather and for all kinds of applications. Our technicians have been safety trained and hold certification to work in confined space applications. To maintain time efficiency and quality for the duration of the project, we manage with on-site supervision.

Our two locations allow us quick responsiveness and easy accessibility to power utilities, industrial and commercial manufacturing sites throughout the continental United States.

To discuss the many cleaning options available to you through R. Houston & Son Sandblasting Specialists, call toll free at 1(800) 446-4949.

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